Volunteer Opportunities

Our projects require volunteer hours both to service the project itself and to engineer, construct and maintain the equipment necessary for the project.  Below are some of the items that we have identified that need to be done; some of them are small and simple and some are complex but everyone can find some way to contribute. please let us hear from you!

East Shore Tree Project (We are planting and maintaining 240 trees on the east shore of Lake Hefner)
Procure free mulch and arrange for delivery
Organize a mulch installation event
Volunteer for mulch installation
Procure and apply tree food
Organize a Treegator (watering bags) repair event
Volunteer to help repair Treegators
Organize a tree maintenance event to trim limbs and reset support stakes
Volunteer to help water the trees

325 Gallon Tank Watering System
Shut off (anti-siphon) valve for filler hose
Tie down the loose end of the filler hose to the pallet
Better mount for filler hose
Fix leaking distribution hoses
Cut drain holes in the wooden pallet?
Time to repaint the pallet with sealer
General tune-up of the watering systems (inspect, tighten, etc.)
Footman loops for a tarp, reinforce the tarp, tarp tie down system

600 Gallon Tank and Trailer Watering System
Distribution hose racks or reels
Finger screen for tank debris
Fix the tank rust problem (sealer?)
More durable distribution header (i.e. not plastic)
Tie the distribution hoses in pairs (use colored duct tape)
Better (bigger) cut off valves (the current ones reduce flow)
Do away with the quick disconnects or get bigger ones (the current ones reduce flow)
Right tail light is inop, troubleshoot and repair
Touch-up trailer paint
Paint the tank

Chevy Truck
Find and fix electrical short that drains the battery
Headlight switch intermittent (clean?)
Coolant leak (find and repair)
Paint and/or decals
Replace the rear seal

Signs Project (We are assisting the city in developing common signage for the trails and lakes)
Attend and contribute to meetings with the OKC Trail Committee and City Departments
Biological Diversity Study (We are engaged in cataloging the various flora and fauna at Lake Hefner in support of the OKC Planning Department)
Organize small, species specific studies in the field
Help find and recruit experts in the various areas
Assist our coordinator with field trips
Volunteer to work in the field cataloging specimens
FOLH (Organization administration, management and operations)
We need volunteers for the following areas:
Public relations
Parliamentary procedures