Oil Wells on a Water Supply Lake – The Next Step

» Posted by on Dec 24, 2014 in Activities

I really appreciate everyone who has made calls, written emails and letters, posted on social media and attended meetings in an effort to deflect this latest attempt to drill on Lake Hefner.  It is mind boggling that there is one little square of land on Hobie Point that neatly is outside the 660 foot exclusion zones and allows this company to make their proposal.  Interestingly enough the keyhole that exists allows them to drill but there are no restrictions on how much land they can take up with roads and battery tanks and pipelines and parking for fracking equipment and waste water tanks.  Believe me, this is one of those “give ‘em and inch and they’ll take a mile” situations.  Very similar to the two restaurants that were to be built on the east shore and look at them now!

Please keep contacting City officials and expressing your displeasure at the appropriate City officials not having the courage to tell the oil company NO, the citizens don’t want oil wells on Lake Hefner; all you have to do is read the Lake Hefner Recreation Master Plan they helped write!  The People rejected this in 1995, they rejected it again in 2011, did something change?

We understand the process; the rate-payer monies are only used for utilities operations and maintenance and the recreation monies and development lease monies are the only funds available for recreational improvements. It’s simple, if we want more recreation infrastructure like exercise stations or skate parks or a velodrome we either have to raise the money from outside or agree to additional development.  The results of this approach are evident.  Every time you try to cross the busy east shore entrance on the trail it is a reminder of the price paid.  In fact it’s a classic catch-22.  If we load up the lake with developments we ‘ll have a lot of money for recreational improvements, we just won’t have any place to spend it.

Ward Two Councilman, Dr. Ed Shadid, has announced another of his great town hall meetings to address the water situation in OKC.  If you haven’t been to one of his meetings yet you are missing out on what are probably some of  the most important happenings in our city.  Dr. Shadid’s efforts to enlighten OKC citizens on important topics are every bit as important as the recent PlanOKC work and everyone needs to take advantage to learn and to share their ideas about our collective future.

Please visit Water: A Town Hall Meeting and sign up to attend.  Thank you again for all of your dedication and efforts and I hope to see you at the lake!