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In a holiday attack on Lake Hefner worthy of an unsavory political strategist, Pedestal Oil Company, 204 N Robinson Ave, OKC 73102, (405) 236-8596, in case you want to call or send them a Christmas card, is making another run at erecting drilling rigs on the Lake Hefner reservation.

This community meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p. m. Thursday, December 18th, at the Will Rogers Park Conservatory located at 3400 NW 36th Street.   The parking lot off of 36th is small but there is additional parking in a lot south of the Conservatory that can be accessed from N. Grand Boulevard on the east or from Pat Murphy Drive by turning in at the Oklahoma City Tennis Complex off of North Portland between NW 33rd and 34th.

Pedestal has managed to schedule the “public” unveiling as close to Christmas as possible hoping that given the choice between friends & family and concern for the community that many people will be forced to forgo the never-ending pleasure of once again having to rally to show support for sane city management principles.

As inconvenient as this meeting time is I’m sure Pedestal was sorely disappointed at not being able to secure the Christmas Eve slot for their roll-out “public” presentation as that would have virtually eliminated any chance of organized opposition from concerned citizens.

Congratulations, I’m conflicted.  I’m very busy at work this time of year, I have shopping to do, I have family to be with, I have charitable work, I have decorations to install and trips into other neighborhoods so my grandson can point out the houses that are decorated better than mine, I have electric trains and battery operated emergency vehicles to assemble.

Conflicts aside, the Lake Hefner reservation means enough to me that once again I’ll forgo some of my personal time to band together with my friends and neighbors in an attempt to deflect this latest assault on native Oklahoma.  Hope to see you there.

Merry Christmas