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Re: Lake Hefner Boat Owners Association / Central Oklahoma Sailing Association / Hobie Point Yacht Club

This amalgam of organizations (I’ll call it LHBOA) is currently renegotiating the permit for the use of Keel Hall and other lake areas for the purpose of supporting sailing activities.  This permit has been in place, renewed annually, for twenty years.

In exchange for permitted access to these facilities LHBOA agrees to pay the city an annual monetary consideration, carry a $1M liability insurance policy to hold the City and the Water Trust harmless, coordinate and execute a harbor watch for the City marina, conduct boating and water safety classes, maintain the Keel Hall building, and provide other activities that enhance the water based recreational aspects of the lake.

Over the years, organizational dues have covered the insurance, the monetary consideration and the upkeep of the building.  Core members of these organizations have walked the docks looking for boats in distress and notified the Harbor Mistress who contacts the boat owner, identified and reported maintenance problems with the facilities, have raised sunken boats, rescued sailors and boats in distress on the lake in lieu of the now defunct City Lake Patrol, sponsored the Boy Scouts of America’s Sea Scouts Ship 131 at Lake Hefner, held litter clean-up events, provided National Association of State Boating Law Administration Approved Boating Safety Courses, and numerous other services to the City, the Water trust and the boating public.

Unfortunately, the low water situation the last few years has severely depleted the membership levels of these organizations as boaters have moved on to other activities away from the then un-navigable lake, and now they need your help to continue this relationship with the City.  If they do not have an influx of former and new members by the end of July they will have to abandon the permit with the city and the services they perform will cease.  The very successful Sea Scout  program can be sponsored by FoLH but as FoLH does not charge dues a source of funding would have to be created.

FoLH has never asked for money and I do not see that as a basis for our public serving works so I am appealing to you civic minded citizens to help by renewing your memberships if you are past members or joining or donating to help support these vital services.  You may think that is of interest only to boaters on the lake but these organizations are at the lake daily, are involved in other activities at the lake, form the core membership of FoLH, are very active in the lake politics of preservation and enhancement of recreational opportunities and above all, active people at the lake make the Water Trust, the City Council and the Parks and Recreation people happy because they see that this area of their efforts is having a positive impact on the image and the quality of life in Oklahoma City.

Please help!

Dale Birchett


Friends of Lake Hefner