» Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Activities

The Canton water flowing into Lake Hefner is expected to peak February 28th with about 6 feet of water in the City harbor. Without further precipitation the level will then begin dropping at a rate of about a half inch per day with that rate increasing with the anticipation of Spring and more outdoor watering beginning.

Boats with shoal draft or retractable keels can probably start being hauled immediately. Boats with full keels need to take advantage of the high water starting February 28th.

The Lake Hefner Boat Owners Association (LHBOA) will meet at 7:00 p.m.. Thursday, February 28th at Keel Hall and one of the items of discussion will concern whether the various lake users can assist boat owners in retrieving their boats while the water is up at this time.

Be aware that the predictions are for the drought to continue for at least the Spring and Summer so it looks doubtful that we will see this much water in the lake for the rest of the year and the City has not made a decision as to whether or not they will suspend wet slip rental fees this year. If this last item is of concern to you I suggest you call your City Councilperson and let them know your viewpoint.