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The Friends of Lake Hefner Executive Committee Meeting last night was attended by an additional fifty people who came to discuss the proposed oil wells on the south shore of the lake.  The consensus decision of those attending was that drilling on the south shore so close to the lake and neighborhoods was a bad idea and that it would be vigorously opposed.  Friends of Lake Hefner representatives will present that information at the upcoming meeting with utilities staff and the well proposer and will offer alternatives that are more palatable to the lake community.

The other important agenda item covered last night is the proposed paved road/parking lot/boat ramp at Hobie Point.  This is an issue that has been popping up every year or two for about the last five years and a week from Thursday we will have the opportunity to discuss it with City staff.  Hobie Point is one of the areas of the lake that really suffers from the dearth of routine police presence.  It is utilized by young sailors from the YMCA, the retractable keel boaters, and the kayakers all of whom launch from the beaches.  Basically what we would like to discover at this meeting is the underlying philosophy motivating the continual resurgence of this proposed installation.  Once we understand that we hope to achieve a compromise between the intent of the City and the desires of the area users.

The recently written and accepted Lake Hefner Recreation Master Plan is a part of the comprehensive Oklahoma City Master Plan the latter of which is currently undergoing a much-needed revision under the title planokc.  It is important that the years of work put into the revision of the Lake Hefner Plan by the City Planning Department and the many citizens of Oklahoma City who volunteered their time and efforts in creating it not be lost in the City Plan revision.  We need to keep the recommendations and promises of the Lake Hefner Plan vital and we can do that by participating in planokc and injecting our wishes for the lake into the process.  This Friday, September 23rd, there is a Goal Development Workshop at 3:00 p.m. in the Rosser Conservation Education Center at 2101 NE 50th Street at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Please consider attending and continuing our work to preserve our lake.  The website for this meeting is

You can make a difference but it takes dedication and perseverance.  Thanks so much for all your efforts.